My name is Barbara and I am from Spain. I was born in Thailand and I have had the opportunity to live in Buenos Aires, New York, Madrid, Salvador de Bahia (Brazil), and in DR. Traveling is one of my passions since I feel that by visiting new places I learn so much about culture, arts, geography, politics, and it gives me new visions- that I can apply in my school work and personal life. Those experiences are the ones that cannot be taken away from you and that will always be present.

Why Parsons?

I have always been raised in an artistic background, since my mother started dealing with latin american contemporary artists and presently she has two galleries and deals with Old Masters. I choose to study at Parsons because of all the other schools I looked at I feel Parsons’s program is very complete and explores all subjects that might at some point interest me, in other words after completing the design management program I will have the possibility to dedicate my life to almost any field within the creative/business industry. I like Parsons because every class really lets you develop and create anything and there is no boundaries. I am particularly interested in fashion and art but I do not know what I will end up doing-

My excitements and motivations in life:

I think that without passion or motivation I would not be able to achieve anything or be happy. I love traveling, meeting people, going to art exhibitions, and spending time with my mom. I love fashion, I like to see what the tendencies are, the season collection of designers, and just look at beautiful and aesthetic pieces. In my International Baccalaureate high school program,  I wrote my thesis on how desire influences and affects fashion. I like how our design class is focused on food. I love to eat and try new food- I enjoy almost every type of cuisine. Living in New york offers me the chance to try amazing restaurants!

Favorite Class:

Art & Antique markets. I just love this class and the teacher, I feel that by the end of each class I have a new aspiration or goal. It is my last class in the week and it is so relaxing- I also love the field trips!


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