Researching 5 or more Icons

This is a universal icon for bathrooms that is completely understood all over the world. There are no complications, it is straight forward, easy to read, and within time is has become a known and respected visual. Even if it is too classic, I think it is effective and plays a very important role anywhere you go, from an airport to a museum bathroom.

I decided to include all the icons that Madrid’s airport has to make up the five that I need. Looking at them we could say that some are effective and other not as much. I think the airport connection flights is not very effective since it looks confusing and at first sight you might not be able to guess what it is if there was no text under it. The assistance for PMR is also not that clear, or not currently very visible at public places! The shop icon is also terrible because it seems to be the logo of the airport and it is very hard for people to read it! On the other hand the currency exchange, restaurant, and snack bar icons are very well represented and they are understood easily without needing words to help the user out. The children’s center, internet, telephone, parking, disabled access, and baby care and very easy to understand and very clear. The business center and post office are confusing, and not very representative of the their indication. The icons of transportation can be said to be the most effective at first sight except the one that is supposed to say ticket sales!


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