WikiLeak Logo Evolution

Our next project is about redesigning WikiLeaks. These are some possibilities for logos! I wanted to play with the idea of secrecy, keys, and the idea of using other people’s words.The first image is like my original sketch and where I originated all the logo evolution. The sketch was simple but I preferred to elaborate them on the computer! The first logo was my original idea that showed a secret folder, a key, and a lock. I  like this idea because it seemed detailed and complex. I did not like how it was executed because it looked too flat and did not have harmony all together. The second logo was more simple, cartoony, and I decided to just focus on one element from the previous one. Since  my slogan was “key to the truth” I decided that creating a simple key that looked friendly was the best idea. The key was colored in using a gray tone but in the end I thought it did not look serious for the clients. Thats when I decided to change the idea completely to something memorable, sophisticated, and serious. The quotation mark logo seemed very appropriate since WikiLeaks tends to use other people’s words or saying to reveal secrets or new truths. I used red to add some color was was shocking at first sight. This is the progression of my logos and how my ideas originated.


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