Who are the primary audiences for a site like wikileaks?

I think that the primary audience of wikileaks is someone who is politically interested, because otherwise all the information and all the data is not something that you would necessary care about or understand. The wikileak audience could be anyone from any age or any nationality.The thing that is revolutionary for wikileaks is that it gives you access to data that would not be accessible otherwise. Wikileaks can be seen by some people as the  “hidden truth” of politics and all the secrets that society is not informed or aware of.


The most important aspect for the wikileak audience is to be informed of what is currently going on and all the deep issues concerning politics, nations, and relationships. This audience is important to wikileaks because they are cultured, young, revolutionary/radical that want alternative information and diverse ways of seeing what the media is. This is impressive because word of mouth can lead to this type of things to increase and get more people involved or interested.

The audience’s goals is to find out information that they never had access before or that only a few people know about. Wikileak’s goals are not quite clear; they could be either for the promotion of freedom of speech and freedom of press or freedom of information creating a total transparency. The other option could be to create turmoil within lots of different governments. Their goals are not necessarily respectable or stated and they have caused a lot of reactions, followers, and haters. Some people can consider it dangerous since most of the information is confidential and by revealing, it could cause negative effects (position of the US troops in Afghanistan) and other data that is not to be exposed.


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