Carrot City-Living Concrete

Living Concrete/Carrot City is an exhibition at the Anna-Maria and Stephan Gallery at Parsons The New School for Design.The exhibition’s goal is to show the viewer through a creative and extensive research process the possibility of growing food in an urban environment. The exhibition shows how urban agriculture could occur in a remote and unexpected place such as the city- they show how the five boroughs could farm by using free spaces, existing/present technology, changing the social system and awareness, and giving a throughly community sense that is currently lacking.

I particularly enjoyed how the exhibition had a completely creative aspect to it but also explored the idea of social reform and changes. It seemed to want to bring together a community feeling, a pretty radical urban look change, and healthier products.It is interesting how this project would not be viable if the community is not aware of its importance or meaning. Carrot City brings alert of the importance of food production, how the provenance of it becomes a major factor,the increased interest in agriculture, the idea of food supply and how design plays a major role in order for this to succeed. By having a good design, the urban farming system could be developed faster and more efficiently, the interactive displays, and maps were extremely beautiful as well as very well designed and help the viewer understand everything  better. I specially liked the rooftop projects they had on display since I think they are very approximate to reality, and little by little people are getting more involved in harvesting item in their rooftop. A big “urban tribe” has started this movement of harvesting, slow food, and the need of producing locally to have fresher and better products.

It was very interesting how the exhibition used technology, videos, discussion boards, answer & question to communicate with their audience. It gave the feeling that the viewer was included and could participate in this “carrot living” idea. Some projects on display looked as if they were unrealistic or just a future vision while other were very specified and could be executed immediately , other projects were a bit broad. Overall it was a very special exhibit which perfectly fused the idea of design, urban living, harvesting, and community ideals. It was very well designed and every display, model, map, video, engaged me! Very enjoyable experience!


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