Classic VERSUS Contemporary

Classic and Contemporary are terms that have a different meaning for each individual. Classic might be seen as contemporary for many and vice versa- that is why it was tricky to decide which texts represent each one. Some people think of classic as perfect example of a particular style, something of lasting worth or with a timeless qualityI associate classic. I think of classic as something as a long standing known and represented style; the first text below is classic. It is not risky, it shows a style used throughout time since there are two thick columns and a picture in the left side. The font and sizes are classic and do not explore any modern or unusual varieties. The whole text seems very conservative and classic with the long sentences and guidelines used.

I consider the second text contemporary, it is modern and seems to be happening right now. The fonts vary, there are many images in between with flashy colors, and the size of the font changes to help the reader see the page better. There are bold high lights and big numbers to guide the user. The text feels modern and pops into the readers eye instantly. The composition of the text is also unusual and it might not be the ideal one but it definitely feel contemporary. I feel this text as part of a pop culture that is happening right now.







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