Good and Bad TEXTS




As a class exercise we were supposed to look for a good representation of text as well as a bad one. The bad representation is the first one underneath, the font is too light for having so much black contrast. The light font makes it very hard to read and it does not engage the reader’s attention at all. If this font was a little bit bolder it would make a huge difference, I also think the way the text is distributed makes it less efficient. The captions do not differentiate from the other parts of the text which makes it hard and complicated to distinguish or make a difference.


The good text is very standardized, the font in adequate and easy to read. It is pleasant to the eye and the hierarchies are clearly stated by the use of color, size, and fonts. I like the way the headers are set and the way the columns and guidelines are established it makes it great and straight forward for the reader to enjoy.





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