Good Campaigns!

Charltonette created an amazing cucumber campaign, or as she would say “cutecumber”. The presentation of her brochure was impressive, professional, original, and very unique. Her brochure is composed by lots of different  cards. She created diverse avatars to represents young teenage girls; you will see that each character has a different look, personality, race, and interest. I think this polyfacetic element increases its success. I also believe that her target will be willing to learn and use her brochure since they resemble a collectors item. By wanting to have all the cards and complete the collection, Charltonette has made her target interact and feel identified with this campaign. All of her designs are unique, cute, special, and every single detail has been taken care of. One could perfectly see this campaign succeeding since of its short, straight foward messages, and how fun it is! I think the campaign also gives the target a positive energy and wellbeing, since it constantly has positive messages such as: “YOU ARE CUTE BECAUSE YOU TRULY ARE”. Her copyright is perfect, she knows what her audience want to hear, how they talk, what their attitude is, and this is clearly reflected in all her campaign. The logo she choose is simple but at the same time has a special complexity that the audience appreciates. Throughout the Cutecumber campaign I can confirm that there is harmony, connection between elements, beauty, coherence, and an amazing effective campaign.

Kelsey produces a very impressive and different MINT campaign. I decided that her campaign was very efficient and that I found it outstanding because no one did anything like it! She choose a DUMBO teenage male target and I was very impressed by how she presented her brochures. There were masculine but kept a very consistent and professional design. She decided to make several brochures, each one about one topic related to mint such as “active, restorative, supportive, and invasive”. Her copyright was very suited for her audience, it seemed she has done excellent research about how these young men talked, interacted, and what they were interested. I found her campaign to be atypical, her fonts were ideal, and what I most liked was the art work she incorporated into these brochures. The artwork was very street-like, Banksy inspired, graffiti looking, and very consistant through her brochure. It also related to war, guerilla, and society themes such as the health care plan. Some of her sections had instructions which were drawn step by step-these were clear and beautifully done. Her poster was very effective, had a stencil, and I really enjoyed how it was folded. It was amazing!


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