Good Vs Bad Food Logos

Logos are very important and influence consumer decisions all the time. A company’s success might be based on how good the Logo they have is or how appealing it is to the audience. I have been looking for good example of well designed logos as well as the ones I think are not very well executed.

Crumbs is a successful cupcake and cake chain, its logo is friendly and after seeing it several times-the buyers can identify it easily. The name of the company is stated clearly with a very legible, firm, and serious typeface. This typeface is balanced with the icon of an angel juggling cupcakes. I also think this logo is successful because of its short but straightforward slogan. The slogan makes people remember the brand and identify it.

Pinkberry is a very interesting concept of frozen yogurt, it is very popular and demanded by consumers. Pinkberry is a store where you can buy frozen yogurt and add fruit, chocolate, cereal, and caramel toppings. Their logo, as well as their store is very clean and has two main flashy colors: fushia and pistachio green. The logo is simple, clean, and with appealing summer color. Their icon serves two purposes: resemble a berry and look like a swirl (their ice-creams are made into yogurt swirls).I specially like the logo’s typeface; its very friendly, fresh, and young looking. I think that by having that typeface they bring curiosity and attract diverse age groups. I think its simple Pinkberry’s logo as  a whole is effective, attractive, and a good logo.

Nespresso is part of the Nestle brand, and it specializes in making expresso coffee capsules and machines to make the coffee at home. I think this logo is good, the color is adequate since it represent coffee. The brown tone is not as dark but not as light, achieving a very appealing color. The typeface is serious, beautiful, and aesthetically pleasing. The thickness and type have a good result. The icon they use is very elegant and gives a sense of harmony and quality. The icon might resemble a coffee machine switch or the view of an expresso from the top. I think the curves create movement and it is intriguing.

Godiva is a high-end chocolate brand stablished in 1958. I think their logo is good because it matches both of their principles: classic and tasteful. Some people might say that it looks old or that it is too serious, but one has to think about the brands characteristics and goals, and afterwards on the logo. Godiva one of the best chocolate companies and its very prestigious, this why their logo needs to have something related to that. I like their crest because it seems very royal, great, and fabulous. If you take a closer look you see Lady Godiva, a anglo-saxon noble and sexy woman who had very long hair and rode a horse. This icon is very embellished and detail, I enjoy its small size. The font is classic, it is not too heavy and it looks very good- it has weight and presence.

Dylan’s Candy Bar has a very nice, simple, fresh,and attractive logo. The typeface used looks friendly a not only reaches young children but an older audience. The brand’s name is not underlined or has anything done to it, it looks very spontaneous. The icon is very appealing, not overdone, and playful. It represents the brand’s identity and leaves curiosity. I like how many candy/sweet oriented items are represented (ice-cream, lollipop, cocktail, and a gift) with the colorful circles placed in the right spot. It is well balanced and corresponds to its business.

Telepizza is a Spanish version of Domino’s or Pizza Hut. I think this logo is not very good; it is very old-fashioned and it seems very demode. The typeface is not right, it does not look professional nor young-audience oriented. If the type face changed it would improve a little bit, but the icon does not work at all. The silhouette of the pizza man is very out of place and not attractive at all. I would also say that the color they used (red, black, and white) are not the best for this logo. It reminds me of a village or very small business- not a leading pizza company.

Hard Rock Cafe is a very successful theme oriented restaurant, that has conquered almost every major capital. Their logo must be liked, since all the merchandize they sell includes the logo. I personally find the logo weak mainly because of its color and icon. The brown and yellow are too ocher tone for a rock-music oriented restaurant. The icon is just a colored in circle. I think they could have improved it by actually adding a vinyl record or a cd looking symbol. The colors would improve if they were primary colors. I think that red could have worked combined with other tones. I do think the typeface works, and that is the only thing I like about it.

Bimbo is a spanish bread, pastry, and cookie company stablished in Spain. Bimbo is very successful and barely has no competence since their products are very good. They are very powerful and bought another pastry company and put its name to their products. I have an issue with his logo because it is very cartoonish, childish, and not serious. The happy bear with a cook hat as the symbol might take away seriousness or quality-association to the brand. It must be strange to think that this brand is very famous and popular due to its logo. The blue line that outlines the brand’s name is unnecessary and the typeface is very harsh (although it has the happy bear on top).

Chop’t is a brand that sells customized and creative salads. This establishment has become very popular and it is all over the city. The idea is for customer to create their salad and see all the process at the same time. The idea is very good and interesting but I think the logo is weak. I think the typeface is to elongated and not thick enough. I think it is nice how the apostrophe is a lettuce leave but at the same time the pictogram is confusing; at first sight you do not know what it is. It might be green leaves being shacked, dried, or anything, The chopping device is not very well represented either. A logo should be clear and precise from the start, and Chop’t does not achieve this.

Green Giant has really good products and quality. I think their logo is too green and their icon very scary. I think if they used another color such as yellow, orange, or brown they would improve their logo. The typeface is not that interesting and it is too monochromatic. Since the letters of the brand are repeated, it it too unified and looses importance. The icon can still be a green giant but I would change a little bit the design and make it even more friendly (changing the giants dress maybe).


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