Supermarket-Restaurant Brand Identity

Trader Joes

Trader Joe’s is a speciality retail grocery shop that has been very successful due to its low prices. In Trader Joe’s you can spend less money and obtain really good quality. This supermarket has a numerous varieties of its products and all of them have Trader Joe’s brand. You can buy practically anything, even exotic products. When one goes to Trader Joe’s you must be calm and patient, since it is most of the time very busy. The lines are huge, customers are running around and sometimes being un polite, and there is a constant cart traffic jam around the aisles. It smells fresh, it looks very clean, and there is always staff members making sure that this state is present at all times. The market is very well organized and its decoration is festive- it has colorful posters, boards, and pictures around the walls. Since it is usually hectic you can hear the staff members organizing lines and helping you find products. Everyone that works there has a positive attitude, are friendly, and helpful.

Trader Joe’s logo is very rustic and simple. There are the icons of bread, cheese, and wine drawn in a cartoony way. They are  just outline and the drawings are not very detailed-just the basic and easy silhouette. The typeface is silly, colloquial, and easy. I think their logo could improve but by simply just looking at it, it gives you a good sense of what Trader Joe’s is about. They are actually able to reach any crowd and have a good attitude, and their logo seems friendly and easy. A serious or more sophisticated logo would not represent their identity and would simply be weird. If they worked a little in the icons and put more detail, the logo could improve. I like how they use the color red and their typeface.

Benihana is a chain restaurant that is the famous for performing while they cook. It is an asian inspired restaurant that offers diversity and a personal chef that cooks for you while he does “tricks” with the food. When you go into the restaurant, it smells greasy, there is a huge cloud of smoke, and you end up smelling like fried food. The smell stay in your clothes and hair and it is very gross. The tables are very sticky and the place does not seem to be very hygienic (even worse when the chef throws the shrimps you will be eating inside his hat). If you look up, the ceiling is covered with grease, you can see it perfectly formed into drops. The restaurant smells like a fast-food restaurant, and after a while you might get sick of it. The logo at first might not look like its from a restaurant since it has a weird symbol at the top that cannot be clearly distinguished. The symbol might be a tree, food, or a person but there is no clear answer. The typeface is nice but put together with the symbol it seems to be the name of a food product or other thing more than a restaurant. The typeface is very thick and dense.


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