Our first project was to create an effective and exclusive campaign of a fruit or vegetables. The aim was to promote and create desire to have a healthy diet having in mind that our audience would be teenagers.Food for Thought, was the sponsor of our campaigns and we had to make many decisions in order to create a fantastic poster and a informative and constructive brochure.

My project was a  TOMATO CAMPAIGN which was especially targeting 14-16 year old teenage girls. I developed this campaign thinking of my own personal experiences as well as the ones of close friends or classmates. At this age, physical appereance becomes a very important factor in the life of teenage girls. They are developing and experiencing loads of psychological and physical changes, as well as being influenced by the media and some suffer peer pressure. Obviously this is not the case for every girl, but that is one of the biggest issues according to many school counselors. So, I decided to create an awareness campaign to show these girls how to eat healthy as well as still looking good! I wanted to express the importance of well being and how healthy eating can directly contribute to maintaing your ideal weight.

The brochure was like a little healthy magazine that was very complete and went through all the importance and interesting facts of tomatoes. I decided to add a lot of information, since at this age if they are interested in a subject they will tend to read more and more about it (such as nutritional facts). Since I knew it was a lot of text, I tried to make it witty and entertaining. I added a lot of photos that they might identify themselves, a “editors letter” to specify my target audience, and some recipes (exotic Spanish gazpacho, Virgin Bloody Mary, and tomato facial mask paste). I took all the photography and added some photos of school girls or group of girlfriends together. As a small detail, the binding of the brochure looks crafty and artisanal since I used a ribbon with a small bow, making it very nicely presented! Since the tomato red color, looked a bit dull- by using transparency I made a very vibrant and bright red orangy color that seemed striking and diverse. As typeface, at first I started out using comic Sans MS but it seemed too ordinary so I just used it for tittles. I did a lot of research on typeface and what typefaces are used for advertising campaigns and I discovered Futura, which seemed perfect for this age group as well as very clear and easy to read.

The poster I made is like a “personality test”, which asks you questions and after answering them you count the majority of your responses (being A.B,C, or D) and it determines which tomato recipe suits you best. I was inspired by Seventeen Magazine, Teen Vogue, Glamour, Cheerleader, GL, J-14, and M Magazine. It took me time to think like a fifteen year old and be creative enough to make good questions as well as corresponding answers. I wanted by poster to be simple, clear, entertaining, and serve more than a decorative use.



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