Process Work

Selection of fruit or vegetable: Tomato

Tag Line:

  • “Tomatoes made in every color to match your bag”
  • “Tomato-the key to a New You”
  • “Tomatoes They Are not A Vegetable, they are a Fruit”

Brochure table of contents:

1.)   What is it? (look, taste, smell, and common uses)

2.)   History

3.)   Where to find it and buy it?

4.)  Types of tomato

5.)  Where to Grow it and how to Harvest

6.)  Nutritional Value

7.)  How to Cook it?

8.)  Other uses


  • Spanish Gazpacho
  • Facial tomato paste

Colors: Red and Black

Typeface: Comic Sans MS

Brochure Layout:

Recycled brown paper, attached pages by yarn.  Earthy look.

Profile of Target Audience

My target audiences are 12-16 year olds, especially girls. I think this is the typical age when girls start developing.

  • concern about physical appearance.
  • Insecure and shy young women
  • Girls that do not know how to eat well
  • Young women that are willling to respect their body

I want my campaign to show teenage girls “How to Eat well” and at the same time stay fit and healthy. My campaign needs to show the importance of having the right nutrition and what your body needs. It is all based in wellbeing while having to study, deal with friendships, family, and a stressful daily life. Unfortunately most teenagers do not get the best nutrition, or the one that their body desperately needs. My target lives in the city- no specific neighborhood (upper east and midtown). My target audience reads a lot of fashion magazines, health magazines, gossip magazines, and are very influenced by the media and their peers. They look up upon gossip girl and America’s next top model actresses, celebrities and models. They take the train together to school or some even walk to school.


–       Andy Warhol and his pop art

–       Sex symbols of Hollywood

–       Gossip Girl

–       Valentino

–       Jacques Pepin

–       David La Chapelle


This is the first brochure version, the week before the project was due. I talked to Liz on ways to improve it and those can be seen in the final product!



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