Sketches and Photos

The Forensic Self portrait is our first project for Design 4 class. We had to choose 21 objects that represented; the first step was identifying them, sketching, and photographing. These are my 21 objects and the general sketches of each!

Lola is my dog; she is six months and is a very important part in my life. Her red knit sweater is her favorite and she looks adorable in it.


Tea is one of my favorite things but food is even more important. I love going to special restaurants and trying new food. I follow all the celebrity chef competitions, and I think NY offers amazing restaurants. I love eating…


My culture defines a lot how I am and how I react. During the summer I usually carry a Spanish fan to beat the heat. People find it interesting and exotic but I consider it useful and a great accessory.



Pedro Almodovar, is a Spanish director who I admire and think is one of the greatest. His films transmit so much that I can relate to my country (Spain) and I truly think he combines drama and comedy in a very realistic and surreal manner. Viva Pedro is a collection of his greatest films. My favorite one is Women on the verge of a nervous breakdown. He is a genius.

This photo holder was a present from my friends from highschool, it is pink, glittery, pretty, and cute. I still have it and it holds up a picture of my family.

Tea is something important in my life which I have been drinking since I was fourteen. I started drinking it because I knew that red tea would make you slimmer and after a while I just simply enjoyed the taste. It is something that makes me feel well and healthy. I have recently tried the Kusmi tea, but my favorite store in NY is Ten Rens.

I got it in Bruge last year, when my mom invited me to the trip. The hanging pendant is located in one of the corners of my house. I think the lady’s eyes are intriguing and very sensual.

I have three miniature little reindeers that they gave me during the summer and decided to line them up in the wall. They bring out a very eclectic mix and people think they are very decorative.

This t-shirt represents my boyfriend and the way he dresses. I specially like this basic shirt because it is very comfortable and unique.

I always have candles in my house. They bring in nice light, smells, and create a cool atmosphere. This was a limited edition one that blends diverse fragrances.

This wallet is very special because it was a Christmas gift from last year, I liked it so much that I gave my mom the same one of Christmas in a different color. I think it is classic but has a modern touch.


They are my first pair from this designer and they are very special because my boyfriend got them as my Christmas gift. They are so beautiful that they should be sculptures!

I used this diary/agenda in my childhood; it is about this witch and her life. The pages are extremely beautifully drawn and it reinforced a positive attitude towards life. I found this Pascualina after so many years, and I am very excited to use it. It is very colorful, vivid, and makes you want to plan your days!


This is an essential make up tool I use every day, I like clear colors or very red tones. Lipstick is not only useful but I think its form is very aesthetic and sexy.

An accessory I always enjoy wearing during the summer, not only does it cover your flaws but give you certain characteristics. I like stealing my mom’s old ones!

Travelling is one of my passions. I think that travelling can show you so many cultures, new experiences, sights, and visions- so I am grateful that I have been travelling a lot throughout my life.

I do not have numerous bags, but the ones I own are very nice. Including this one I got for Christmas, it is a vintage and the color is very spring.

My mom’s annual art catalogue that features all the paintings in her gallery, was dedicated to me. The dedication was so beautiful and it makes it very special to me.

I have a statue of a Buddha; my mom gave it to me when I rented my NY apartment. I think it looks very well and I like to place flowers next to it.

Neruda is an amazing poet and my boyfriend gave me the book for Valentine’s Day a couple of years ago. It has all his best romantic poems.

Some possible sketches






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