This project consisted of redesigning WikiLeaks. I created a new concept, logo, website, and attributes, that corresponded to the needs of some of the users. Looking at WikiLeaks’ weaknesses and finding solutions was very important. This presentation shows the whole refined process- from the research, discovery, and strategy to the final website design that should alleviate the problems some specific users had with the actual website. I imagined that WikiLeaks was my client and this is the proposition I have to increase their success and user-friendlyness. Here you will find the presentation as a PDF as well as the close ups of the mock up website I created. All my decisions when it comes to color, type, logo, and design are constantly justified throughout the presentation.My main goal was to create a clear, simple, and straightforward design that anyone could easily navigate without feeling intimidated. Another important goal that I wanted to achieve was create a website that allowed users to easily share their favorite or interesting article with their friends by using social media tools.


This is the home page of the created website

This is another page of the website that shows the navigation how the website looks once the user explores.


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